Please note that Kyomachiya Takanashi is a renovated traditional Japanese-style wooden townhouse hostel/guesthouse and our provision of accommodation may not be the same as normal hotels. Before making a reservation, click “Facility” and “Room Price” to check for more information about our hostel/guesthouse.

■ OK=Rooms available、X=Full

■ Room Types:
Deluxe: 6-mat Japanese-style room with a veranda
Triple: 6-mat Japanese-style room
Twin: 4.5-mat Japanese-style room
(For more room details, please click “Room Price”)

■ Please click the the arrows above the calendar「◀️▶️」to check availability before making a reservation.

■ The room availability is subject to change at any time and rooms may not be available.

■ Besides booking the whole area, all reservations are accepted on date 1st every month up to 6 months in advance. (If you want to stay on 25th Nov., we accept the reservation from 1st May 0:00am. About the reservation for several nights, if the first night passes the date to start accepting, we accept all of your date.)

※ Children under 12 years old can not stay at our hostel/guesthouse due to no safety measures for younger children.