Q1. Can we send our package to the guest house in advance?
A1. You can certainly send your package to our place in advance. Please noted you have to write down “Kyomachiya Takanashi” with the address. And the name must be the same as the name you booked us by, so we can confirm it. But we do not accept any package deferred payment.

Q2. Do you offer any meal?
A2. We do not offer any meal. You may buy your meal in the super market or the convenience stores. Or go out to enjoy meal in the restaurant or coffee shop near by.

Q3. We will definitely go to stay at your place. Could you let us book in advance before 6 months?
A3. Besides booking the whole area, all reservations are accepted on date 1st every month up to 6 months in advance.

Q4. Could you help us to book restaurant, ticket or transportation etc. ?
A4. Because we can not take the responsibility when the guest cancel in a sudden or anything else. We only help the guest to book restaurant or transportation after check in and still stay in our place.

Q5. Could we leave our luggage before check in or after check out.
A5. Sure. You can leave you luggage here before check in, but you need to tell us when you plan to arrive. And please come after 9:00am. After you check out, you can also leave your luggage here till 21:00pm that day.

Q6. Can we check in before 16:00?
A6. Sorry. We need time to clean the room, so we can not let you check in before 16:00.

Q7. Can you come to pick us?
A7. Sorry that we don’t have pick-up service.

Q8. Is the room noise proof ?
A8. Every room separate by wooden wall, not just Japanese traditional paper door. Thats why we are quieter than other guest house. But not as good as hotel because it is a traditional wooden Japanese house. Ergo we need you to quiet down at late night. And we provide free earplugs in each room.

Q9. Do you offer rental bicycle?
A9. We do not have rental bicycle service. But there is a rental shop near us. Please feel free to ask our staff where it is.

Q10. If we stay several nights, could you give us a discount?
A10. We are a small family business, so we could not give you any discount.